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Child care teachers and directors are essential contributors to Virginia’s workforce and economy, and we value their efforts to improve the quality of child care by increasing their knowledge and skills in early care and education.

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The Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program (VCCPSP) is available for current/potential child care program staff and intended to aid the staff in completing coursework that will help them improve the quality of child care for the children and families in their program. Staff can complete undergraduate college courses required for a certificate or degree in early childhood education and have it paid by VCCPSP. VCCPSP is funded by the federal Child Care and Development Fund that provides financial resources to improve the quality of early care and education in Virginia. VCCPSP is administered by the Virginia Department of Education.

To be considered for VCCPSP persons will be:
  • an employee of a child care program located in Virginia, or
  • a Virginia resident (as defined by the Code of Virginia) who is employed in a non-Virginia child care program, or
  • a Virginia resident who intends to become employed in a Virginia child care program.

Based on eligibility and the availability of funding, priority for VCCPSP will be given to those applications currently employed in the field of early care and education (center-based and family child care programs). For those who do not currently work in a program, the applications will be processed in the final week of the applicant period. Applicants are encouraged to apply early in the application period since funding is limited.

*The full criteria for an applicant is found in Regulation 8VAC20-840-40.

The VCCPSP will pay for either 8 undergraduate community college courses or a maximum lifetime award amount of $4,020 (effective March 15, 2022 for students new to the program) whichever occurs first. Once enrolled, the maximum lifetime award will not change. Scholarships pay for tuition and technology fees at a participating Virginia college or university for up to two courses per semester when the eligibility criteria are met.

Scholarships are available for students who attend a four-year college or university. The scholarship will pay for up to $400 per course for undergraduate courses. Courses must be comparable to the pre-approved community college courses listed above and applicants must provide the following:

  • a completed paper application;
  • on a separate of piece of paper include the four-year university course number, title and description you would like to take (this information can be found in the university course catalog);
  • the comparable community college pre-approved courses ; and
  • include items (b) and (c) in Section 8 on your paper scholarship application (see courses for community college descriptions.)

Those who are interested in the VCCPSP should submit an online application. Paper applications are only accepted from those students who are applying for a scholarship for a 4-year college.

The application periods are:

  • June 15 – August 1 for Fall Semester;
  • October 15–December 1 for Spring Semester; and
  • March 15–April 15 for Summer Semester

Application periods may close early if funds are no longer available for that application period.

  • Students MUST apply each semester for which they would like to receive a scholarship, and during the corresponding semester application period.
  • Students will select a pre-approved course for which a scholarship was not previously received. Students are responsible for registering for those classes with the school.

VCCPSP will pay the colleges or university directly. The program does not reimburse the student. After each application, VCCPSP will verify with each school the students have been awarded scholarships. If a student does pay for a course, it’s the students’ responsibility to make sure the college will reimburse the student. Recipients are responsible for registering for the classes and providing their award letter to the schools’ business office. If this is not done, the business office will not apply properly the scholarship award to the student’s account.

What if plans change after you have received a scholarship?

By the last day to add/drop (without financial penalty), students must withdraw from the course by following the college’s withdrawal procedures. Students will complete a Course/School Change Form when:

  • the awarded course is no longer available and a substitute pre-approved course is requested, or
  • the scholarship cannot be used due to extenuating circumstances, or
  • an advisor recommends another course.

Change Course Forms that are submitted AFTER this deadline will be denied, and the student will forfeit future awards.

When students receive a scholarship, they agree to allow the college or university to the release the final course grades for all courses paid with Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program funds. Students will complete Authorization to Release Grades Form by the end of the first day of classes. Students are expected to earn an A, B, C or passing grade for the courses. VDOE will not award future scholarships to those who receive a D or failing grade unless the state is reimbursed for the tuition and technology fees used; and have no past occurrences of receiving an award without registering for the class or withdrawing from an awarded class after the add/drop deadline without completing the class.

If you have any question, email

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